Monday, April 14, 2014

A new and better life!

Hi my lovely friends! Omg I have missed you immensly! I have gone to Vegas and been back for quite some time. We had an amazing time there and I will show you some pictures. We won some money and had a fabulous relaxing week. SO...I decided to give my 2 weeks notice at my job of 13 years and go to school for something completely different. I am so happy about this decision and am ready to get started on a new and more fulfilling path. I believe everything happens for a reason and sometimes you just have to make some changes to become as happy as you want to be. Life is great and I will try to blog more again. I have really missed it and all of you! It's been a time for change and thinking of new things without being afraid of change. I have a lot to do but, I am up for the challenge!!!! Here are some Vegas pictures:)

I think these fine stores all speak for themselves! It was amazing! I went to The Forum atleast 4 times for the high end stores. I didn't buy anything....yet:)

Until next time...XOXOXO

Oh one more thing...I know H&M isn't high end but, they really do set trends and it is a beautiful and amazing store. We don't have one here so I really was excited to check it out!