Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My life!

Hello my luvlies!!!! I know this blog is about beauty and fashion...BUT.... I haven't shared in over a week! I am super busy. I just got a new boss after 13 years with my former boss so I'm working a lot and trying to make adjustments that please everyone. We have a pretty serious snow storm going on here.  I live in upstate SC and we are getting close to 10 inches of snow with ice on top! The south is not equipped to handle this much winter activity! Few snow plows and minimal salting of the roads makes driving dangerous. Unfortunately I need to be at work to make sure my new boss feels he can depend on me:) I am going to Las Vegas for a week in 3 days and haven't had time to think about packing. Valentines day has almost arrived and I haven't had time to plan anything yet. It's my husbands birthday next week... I have to find a special gift! I need a massage! A beer! A vacation!!! How are you doing?

Until next time! Kendra! XO
My sweet dog:)

There's my life!