Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dress your best!

Hi my dears!!!! It's almost the middle of the week. I hope it's been great so far:) I have been working late everyday. It's cold and flu season and I work in a busy pharmacy. I'm looking forward to the weekend...I want to do a little series on dressing your best! I think it's so important to do the things that make you look your best. I can't cover it all in one post so it will have a few posts based on this topic.  Have you seen the lady(or man) who looks good....almost...but! Mmmmm....something looks off! Well that's what I want us all to discuss! Have you seen a lady and thought WOW! They look amazing.... but you don't really know why! I will bet you anything that...

1. Their clothes fit well

2. Their outfit is age appropriate

3. They are confident in what they are wearing

4. The colors they chose are flattering

5. They smell fabulous!

6. It's the total package!

I will look at all of these factors and I hope you will offer your input!

I believe this!!!!

Until next time my dear friends... Kendra! XO