Friday, January 17, 2014

Dress your best! Are your clothes too tight?

Hi my lovely friends!!!! In my last post we were talking about "dressing your best" in part one of this series lets talk about too tight clothing. I know we all feel better if we are a size 14 but we can fit into a size ten! Unfortunately... You will always look like a size 14 in a size 10. Clothing looks so much better if you wear the size that fits your frame. If you are tall, wear tall sizes. If you're petite wear a petite! If you are plus size... Wear that!!!! You will look so much more put together and more confident if you are wearing something that fits well. Everyone will notice a sense of confidence and comfort in your style that will transcend into an overall look of beauty!

This is too tight!!!! It shows every flaw!

Tugging is a sure's a no no!

Muffin tops mean too tight...or low!

Don't do these things! It's so important to wear what makes you feel comfortable! Then you will look your best!
Thank you for reading my dears:)....until next time....
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