Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Orange is the new red for spring

Hi everyone! I was looking at some of the upcoming makeup trends for spring from fashion week this fall! I wanted to share some of those with you! I saw the cat eye everywhere! Which I love but have never had the guts to try! I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try, right? The next trend I saw (which isn't really a new concept) was orange lips! I wasn't sure if I liked it at first but the more I looked the more it grew on me! I love this look! The color can range from subtle to very bold and there is a color for everyone. There is something in matte, shiny, or glossy! Just find your shade and see what works for you! Orange lips look great with green, blue, purple, and even brown shades! Now I just need to find my color! What do you think of the orange lip being the new red lip? What are your favorite spring makeup trends?

from Glamour magazine

Lovemarc lip gel
Marc Jacobs
Until next time my friends....