Sunday, November 3, 2013

Paris! My review of Polyvore...Which you will see a lot on here.


Polyvore is my favorite fashion site! This is my top set for Nov. 2 2013. For those of you that aren't familiar with this site it is an interactive site where you create sets. Fashion, art, beauty, and interior design. If you love fashion and have not checked this out make sure you do. They have contests and select winners. They also feature sets from each category daily. They are called top sets. It is a warm community where everyone is very friendly and supportive. I have made many friends here. There are some very talented people on this site. It is my go to place for fashion. It is in my opinion the best site for fashion available. You create sets then publish them for all to see. You gain followers, join and create groups, and learn everything there is to know about fashion from people like you all over the world. In a word...FANTASTIC!!!!!