Thursday, November 14, 2013


Hi everyone! I want to do a review of one of my favorites. I simply adore J'adore by Christian Dior. It is my all time favorite fragrance. I found it many years ago at a Walgreen's of all places. It was marked down on clearance for around $10.00 a bottle. I bought one and tried it. I wished later that I had bought every one they had. I fell in love. It is a subtle scent that is feminine and soft without being overpowering. It just smells expensive. J'adore seems to last longer than most other fragrances without fading away. Try it if you haven't already! This new bottle is a birthday gift from my wonderful husband. It comes in a nice box and includes a small bottle for travel. Love it! Have a great Thursday everyone.

What's your favorite fragrance?

From my wonderful husband:)